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Latest innovations in UPS battery technology and how to prolong the life of your batteries

The life expectancy of lead acid batteries fluctuates significantly depending on their external environment. Increases in temperature is a significant factor, therefore, cooling systems must be applied, whilst also maintenance and monitoring of batteries are essential in conjunction with regular

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Uber to buy self-driving truck start-up Otto for $680m

Not satisfied with developing its own fleet of autonomous cars, Uber is now looking to move into the autonomous trucking business too, with news that it has bid $680m for the start-up Otto. With Uber starting to roll out its

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Irish companies not providing adequate cyber security training – new research from Data Solutions

52% of companies aren’t providing adequate security training to employees, despite awareness that staff are biggest risk factor One-third believe their organisation isn’t doing enough to protect the business against attacks, which encrypt data and hold businesses to ransom Analysis

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Firms need more focus on detecting IT attacks, event hears

The biggest information technology security challenge for companies is detecting and responding to threats, according to Rob Sadowski, director of marketing at security company RSA. However, many businesses are still wrongly focused on outdated IT security tactics, trying to prevent attacks

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Irish software firm Storm gets €500,000 contract

Actavo, a major international strategic operations partner in the British Isles and the Caribbean, has entered a contract worth over €500,000 with Dublin and Galway-based software company Storm Technology. Storm is aiming to benefit from Actavo’s recent €3m IT upgrade

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Twitter to move to new HQ in Dublin

Twitter is to move to an 85,000 sq-foot office in Dublin, signing a 20 year lease for Cumberland House. The social network will pay Hibernia REIT an initial rent of €4.6 million per annum, equating to an average of €50

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5G connections to hit 240m by 2025

If a new report from Juniper Research is accurate, the amount of devices connected online with 5G speeds will hit 240m by 2025, but only 3pc of the world will actually have access to it. While 4G speeds are still

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Blu-Ray in the Data Center?

Facebookhas developed a storage system that packs 1 petabyte of data into a single cabinet filled with 10,000 Blu-Ray optical discs. Facebook hopes to put the Blu-Ray storage unit into production by the end of this year, providing “ultra-cold” storage

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Microsoft’s Cloud Services Growth Drives Second Expansion of its Dublin Datacentre

Dublin, 3rd December 2013 – Microsoft today announced plans to further expand its Europe Middle East and Africa mega datacentre in Dublin, Ireland. The expansion, due for completion in Spring 2014, represents a new investment of €170m million.   Construction of

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What About Dell’s $1 Billion Cloud Buildout?

Dell has abandoned its plans to offer its own public cloud, shifting to a partner-focused cloud model instead. Most of the chatter has been around what this means for OpenStack. But what does this mean for Dell’s plan to invest

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