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DataCentres Ireland, Heralded a Success by all involved

DataCentres Ireland delivered over 1600 attendees, which is a 10% growth and the largest attendance in the events history. The tone of the show was Quality vs Quantity and is best summed up by one of our exhibitors, Jason Cummins,

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23% of Irish companies would be forced to cease trading if found liable to GDPR fines

23% of Irish companies would be forced to cease trading if found liable to GDPR fines – DataSolutions survey –        Additional 10% would have to lay off employees to continue trading –        However, 20% say that GDPR compliance is not

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NewsWhip CEO Paul Quigley interview: ‘Data is going to be part of everybody’s job’

When Limerick native Paul Quigley set up NewsWhip in Dublin with Andrew Mullaney, they first wanted to create the ‘BuzzFeed of Europe’. Since then, they’ve pivoted twice and now NewsWhip is a data science tool embraced by some of the

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Has your mouse been hacked?

Wireless mice and keyboards are prime for hacking, with a “massive vulnerability” leaving “billions” of devices at risk, according to a new report. US cybersecurity company Bastille claims to have found the issue, calling it MouseJack, which sounds pretty cool,

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National Broadband Plan: At least 10 firms bid to end Ireland’s digital divide

The Irish Government’s long overdue intervention to bring 750,000 postal addresses into the 21st century is gaining impetus after it emerged that at least 10 players have bid for two State broadband contracts valued at between €300m and €500m. The

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Fastest-ever data transfer clocked at incredible 1.125Tbps

Imagine being able to download all of Game of Thrones in one second? Well, researchers have achieved a data transfer speed that could do just that. The fastest-ever data transfer record, achieved by a team from University College London (UCL),

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Privacy Shield: a safe harbour for EU data?

ransatlantic transfers of digital data are once again safe to continue, thanks to a new deal between the EU and US called EU-US Privacy Shield. This will replace the old Safe Harbour principles overturned by the European Court of Justice. At least, that’s

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Technology firm Asavie to create 106 jobs

Dublin-based technology firm Asavie is to create 106 jobs over the next 2.5 years. The jobs include a variety of roles in engineering, sales, product management, marketing and support. Founded in 2004 and headquartered in Dublin, Ireland with offices in the United

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Ireland’s 700MHz wireless spectrum band has a potential market value of €91m

Ireland’s 700MHz wireless spectrum band has a current market value of €91m and could be repurposed to be used by mobile operators to provide high-speed broadband services and enable the research and development of future internet of things (IoT) services.

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Vodafone’s new crazy fast LightSpeed Broadband

LightSpeed Broadband, that’s the name Vodafone has given to its latest internet service, claiming it’s the “most powerful fibre broadband network” in Ireland. And, achieving broadband speeds of anything between 350Mbps and 1Gbps, Vodafone’s LightSpeed Broadband does sound appealing. Launched

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