Vodafone confirms spying piplelines linked with mobile networks

Vodafone, one of the world’s largest telecom providers, has confirmed that secret cables exist which connect to mobile networks which allow them to listen and record any conversation across 29 countries.

According to the Guardian, the company has reacted to increasing pressure from groups and individuals demanding that Vodafone be more open about government interference with their networks and whether anyone can be wire-tapped.

In response, the company will today (Friday) be releasing a 40,000-word report entitled Law Enforcement Disclosure Report which will reveal the startling revelations that dozens of governments, including Ireland, have the ability to listen to, record and, in some cases, track the whereabouts of mobile phone users in that country through specially designed cabling connected to the main network.

Most worryingly, six countries that Vodafone operate in forces the company to install these wires into the system or if they won’t comply, the governments will do it themselves.

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