Latest innovations in UPS battery technology and how to prolong the life of your batteries

logo_emersonnetworkpowerThe life expectancy of lead acid batteries fluctuates significantly depending on their external environment. Increases in temperature is a significant factor, therefore, cooling systems must be applied, whilst also maintenance and monitoring of batteries are essential in conjunction with regular impedance testing and/or load bank testing.


Understanding how to safely maintain and manage UPS batteries can not only prolong battery life, but it can help prevent costly downtime. Additionally, recycling at the end of life can be a revenue stream or a large disposal cost depending on the type of battery you choose.


Join the Emerson Network Power Critical Advantage Webcast for all of the answers.

The webcast will provide insight into:

  • Lead acid batteries & recycling
  • Considerations with design
  • New battery technologies and the problems with new technologies
  • Battery maintenance- the benefits of regular testing and the effects of battery temperatures
  • Safe working with batteries
  • Battery remote monitoring solutions
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