Dublin could become part of Europe’s Big 4

Third party data centre projects are expected to deliver capital expenditures in excess of €740m by 2020, making Ireland one of the business data centre destinations in Europe.

The accelerated growth of the Irish data centre market and more specifically the Dublin region could catapult the Irish capital to the same level as London, Paris, Frankfurt and Amsterdam.

This is according to BroadGroup’s latest report “Data Centres Ireland” which argues that the presence of webscales mainly in the Dublin area makes a strong argument for the city to be re-classified as a Tier 1 hub.

Philip Low, chairman at BroadGroup, said: “Given Ireland’s distinct data centre market, Dublin’s eco system of both third party and hyperscale facilities, and international connectivity, there is a strong argument for the city to be re-classified as a Tier 1 hub in Europe.”

The report finds that the low corporate tax in Ireland has been a key contributor to the country’s booming data centre industry which has seen both webscales and enterprises from the gaming, pharmaceuticals and content sectors build their IT infrastructure on Irish soil.

BroadGroup has also found that Ireland is sustaining further expansion by third party data centres.

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